A composition for Hawaiians boys going away to war, 1918

Mele for the Hawaiian Boys

Seen below is a mele composed by the Honorable W. J. Sheldon for the fifty Hawaiian boys who gave themselves to join the war on the side of the nation of America. It is a song put before the Royal Hawaiian Band, to be played before the public.

It is believed that if these Hawaiian boys head out to the training camp in America on Tuesday, this song would have been sung for them in their honor. But as their trip is postponed until the arrival of a military ship, therefore the boys have been set back until next month. It is still believed that this will be one of the songs that will be sung to honor them. Here is this mele to glorify these Hawaiian youths:


He kama oiwi Hawaii oe,
He aa,  he koa wiwoole;
Imua no ka pono oi ae,
A inu i ka wai awaawa.


Ku kilakila Hawaii,
Iwaena o ka Pakipika,
O Hawaii no ka oi,
Wikiwiki over the top.

Hawaii no oe a ka imiloa,
Loa ka imina lanakila,
Hanohano oe e Hawaii,
I na oiwi o ka aina.

O ke Akua pu me oukou,
E na kama oiwi Hawaii,
Uumi ka hanu a lanakila,
A lei i ka hanohano.

Hakuia e Wm. J. Sheldon.

[Which went something like this:


You are a native son,
Daring, a fearless warrior;
Forward for the greater good,
And drink of the bitter waters.


Hawaii stands tall,
Amidst the Pacific,
Hawaii is the foremost,
Quickly, over the top.

You are Hawaii, of explorers,
Far reaching is your search for victory,
Proud is Hawaii,
For the oiwi of the land.

God be with you,
O Native sons of Hawaii,
Be patient until victorious,
And wear the honor like a lei.

Composed by William J. Sheldon.]

(Kuokoa, 5/17/1918, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVI, Helu 20, Aoao 3. Mei 17, 1918.

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