Queen Emma on Kauai, 1871.

The Queen’s Travels to the Island to the West.

O Ke Au Okoa;—Aloha oe:

At 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Lawai was left by the entourage of

“Maikai ka Waikini he nani ke nana,
Ka hemolele oia uka me ke onaona,
Ua hele a nolu pe i ka lehua maka noe,
Ua ike maka iho nei i ka nani o Aipo.”

[Fine is Kawaikini, beautiful to see,
The uplands are perfect in its fragrance,
The misty-eyed lehua are drenched
Beheld was the beauty of Aipo.]

The travels of Kaleleonalani continued on into dusk; the good home of the Hon. J. Kauai in Waimea nei was visited, and he gave them the entire house for the alii to do as she pleased. That is the fashion in which the well-to-do son of Waimea gave.

The Queen is in splendid health, and so too of her cousins, and her fellow alii. These days, she travelled seaside, the place of the pahapaha seaweed lei, and the rumbling sands of Nohili, and perhaps Limaloa will be kind enough to build his village, then the Royal One will be shaded and that Stretch will be enjoyable; and on Saturday, they will climb the heights of Pupukaniao, a spring where the drinking water of the Kings of Kauai nei were fetched in those days. And on Monday, the 23rd, the group will climb the mountain to see Kalehuamakanoe and all of the famed places; that is the desire of the Royal One who enjoys travelling the world. Being that if lands afar [Kukulu o Kahiki] were toured by her, how could she not the famous places of their own islands.

The Hon. J. Kauai expressed feelings of aloha for the alii by the people of Waimea nei, that they will go to see her tomorrow, therefore, to hold off on the rush to go on the mountain-climbing expedition.

Of the same opinion were the Church members with their gifts, lead by their preacher, Rev. A. Kaukau, who will go see the alii.

It is our great desire and delight that this excursion of our beloved Queen be lead throughout by good fortune, in all places that she goes, and that she and her royal entourage will be always be embraced in the warm aloha of their loving people. May God protect the Queen.


Waimea, January 18, 1871.

[This is just one of the many accounts of Queen Emma’s travels on Kauai found in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers!]

(Au Okoa, 1/26/1871, p. 4)

Ka Huakai Makaikai a ka Moiwahine i ka Mokupuni o lalo.

Ke Au Okoa, Buke VI, Helu 41, Aoao 4. Ianuari 26, 1871.

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