George Berkely Rowell, 1865.

News from Waimea, Kauai.

In the midday of this 9th of August, G. B. Rowell and the church members who followed him went into the Church of Waimea with new locks to shut the doors of the Church so that it could not be entered with the old keys in our possession, until our meeting hour, at 1:30, when I went to ring our meeting bell; the doors were locked and people were on guard from inside, with the doors locked; and I said, “open the doors you guys so that I can come in to ring our bell.” Kahele and Luka, the heads of Rowell’s church refused. Continue reading

Queen Emma on Kauai, 1871.

The Queen’s Travels to the Island to the West.

O Ke Au Okoa;—Aloha oe:

At 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Lawai was left by the entourage of

“Maikai ka Waikini he nani ke nana,
Ka hemolele oia uka me ke onaona,
Ua hele a nolu pe i ka lehua maka noe,
Ua ike maka iho nei i ka nani o Aipo.”

[Fine is Kawaikini, beautiful to see,
The uplands are perfect in its fragrance,
The misty-eyed lehua are drenched
Beheld was the beauty of Aipo.]

The travels of Kaleleonalani continued on into dusk; the good home of the Hon. J. Kauai in Waimea nei was visited, and he gave them the entire house for the alii to do as she pleased. That is the fashion in which the well-to-do son of Waimea gave. Continue reading