A patriotic mele criticizing the Rev. Joseph S. Emerson, 1893.


There is a saintly son of a gun,
Whose name is J. S. Emerson,
Who goes about in pious style,
To ease his anti-monarch bile.
And enters with his devout brother,
Hawaiian’s meeting: tries to smother,
All aloha for their Queen and land,
By fairy tales of witchcraft brand.
And sweetly says: “My christian friends,
“In order now to gain our ends,
“Will you ally yourselves with one,
“Who being but a native son.
“Has dared to infringe the haole’s plan
“And makes himself (deceitful man)
“The priest of God and Baal too?
“Shall such associate with you?
“Perish the thought! No! brethren dear,
“Not though my father’s sons, ’tis clear,
“Have robbed you of your lands and living,
“And taught you not that way to heaven.
“We’ll sweetly sing, in chorus clear
“The haole takes the government here
“Having taken all else, and let your Queen,
“Rely on none who here are seen.
“Associate she with heathens foul,
“Pig, kahunas, chickens, awa bowl!
“Shall such be helped with christian prayer,
“And our God asked for her to care.”
He stayed his speech and called for votes,
The answer from indignant throats,
Came fast and furious on his ears:
“Take out from here your lying sneers.
“Hypocrite! usurper! rebel! beast!
“Such words become your family least,
“Who live on what the royal hand,
“Gave bounteous of Waialua’s land.
“As pay for early prayer and praise,
“Raised by your father in those days,
“When missionaries first came here,
“And taught us a new God to fear.
“Go, hound! unto your wealthy home,
“Reflect on whence your creature comforts come,
“Think if you can what doom will be,
“Ingratitude’s God will bring to thee.
“Hide your grey locks in deepest shame
“Let another take your father’s name,
“Go, and ne’er again pollute,
“This sacred place with your foul boot.”
They went: None blessed their homeward way:
All seemed relieved: Arose the lay,
Of praise to God: and all agree,
To pray for Queen and Hawaii.

[Here is an article with descriptions of what led to this mele.]

(Hawaii Holomua, 2/11/1893, p. 4)


Hawaii Holomua, Buke III, Helu 7, Aoao 4. Feberuari 11, 1893.

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