Painting of lying in state of Queen Liliuokalani by Lionel Walden? 1917.


Lionel Walden, noted artist, whose representations of Hawaiian scenes met with great favor here and elsewhere, was occupied yesterday in making a sketch of the interior of Kawaiahao church. The painting on which Mr. Walden will be at work again this morning will give to posterity a vivid and realistic picture of the lying in state of the last of Hawaii’s monarchs. The somber background, setting off in brilliant contrast the many beautiful flowers that are being sent to the dead queen, the tall kahilis, the graceful palms, the waiting people, will have proper place in the picture, and dominating all will be the royal casket, with its covering of feather cape, its tabu sticks guarding the queen in death as her proud station guarded her in life, while surrounding her stand the faithful kahili-bearers, keeping the last vigil over the last ruler of a vanished kingdom.

[Wow. Does anyone know if this painting was completed and if so, where it is now?]

(Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 11/15/1917, p. 2)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXV, Number 7985, Page 2. November 15, 1917.

3 thoughts on “Painting of lying in state of Queen Liliuokalani by Lionel Walden? 1917.

  1. The painting is at The Bishop Museum . How it came to be there ??? We need to ask our friend DeSoto Brown.

  2. Actually, the paintings in Bishop Museum are identified as Prince Kuhio’s funeral in 1922. We have a small oil painting “sketch”, done on the scene, which is crude and unfinished. It’s on a thin piece of board. On the back is written in ink that it’s Kuhio lying in state. We also have a larger oil painting which was based on this smaller version. These were donated by Walden’s estate in 1934.

    I don’t know if this means there are paintings of Liliuokalani’s funeral by Walden in addition to the Kuhio paintings we have, or if our paintings are misidentified.

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