On the moving of the Na-ha Stone to Hilo Library 100 years ago, and its history (4 of 6), 1915.

As soon as Ululani heard these words of her children, she exited the house, and soon saw Kamehameha approaching, and that is when Ululani began a wailing call of love [uwe helu] and then she also called out the name song for Kamehameha with these words:

Au—we hoi—e, he mai hoi paha,
O oe ka ia e Kalaninuilanimehameha—a,
E hea aku ana i ka Iwa kiloulou moku la,
E komo e kuu Laninui hoi—a,
Ao i wehewehena ao i waihona—e,
Kona po o ka hoa keia—la,
A’u lei o ka ua haao hoi—e,
E lele ae la mauka o Auaulele—a,
E komo hoi paha i ka hale o Kealohalani—e,
Auau i ke kiowai kapu o Ponahakeone,
Ae inu hoi i ka awa a Kane i kanu ai i Hawaii,
A ola hoi ke kini o ke akua ia oe,
He mai hoi e kuu Laninuimehameha—a.

[Ah indeed, do come,
Might it be you, O Kalaninuilanimehameha?
I call out to the island-hooking Frigate bird,
Come in, my Heavenly Chief,
The day opens, the day closes,
In his night, this is the companion,
My lei of the Haao rains,
Soaring in the uplands of Auaulele,
Entering the home of Kealohalani,
Bathing in the sacred pool of Ponahakeone,
Drinking the awa which Kane planted in Hawaii,
The multitudes of the gods will live through you,
Come, my dear Laninuimehameha.]

After the conclusion of the name chant by Ululani, the Youth arrived in the presence of their Chiefly Mother [Aunty], a he met with the Mother, they wept as was the custom of the Alii of that beloved time of this land. While the Youth met with this Makuahine Alii of theirs, food was being prepared by the Stewards [Aipuupuu] of the court. When the table of the Alii was ready, the Royal procession dined and the canoe paddlers of the ocean voyage of the Chief Kamehameha were fed, as this young Alii Kamehameha was famous for taking care of his people; and this character of his went along with this famous Alii of Hawaii nei, that being the recognition of the “small man and the great man;” and that is a major reason for Kamehameha’s always being victorious in the future, because of his taking care of his people.

When the eating of the Chiefly procession was done, the Mother Ululani inquired about the travels taking them across the expansive ocean, and Kamehameha told her that it was a trip to seek a Parent and a trip to seek a Lord. When Ululani heard these words of the Youth Kamehameha, she immediately asked him with these words:

“My dear Chief! Were there no words given to you causing you to arrive here in Hilo nei?”

Then Kamehameha replied: “Yes, there were words; that being I came to feel the cheeks of Naha, and to attempt to overturn it. It will be a sign that I will see my relative [Keaweokahikona]. A relative by which I am to live, or a relative by which my bones will be scraped of its flesh.”

When Ululani heard these words of the Child, her tears flowed down and she looked at the Child with loving eyes, and spoke: “Well then my Chief, tomorrow you shall see Naha.”

Next week we will see the meeting between Kamehameha and the Naha Stone. But O Reader of this, do not forget also of the moving of the Honolulu Stone [paying of the subscription] for the well-being of our Hoku, should you have a remainder on your bill towards the life of the messenger of ours.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/16/1915, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 10, Helu 28, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 16, 1915.

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