“What always carries the crowd away,” 1893 / today / forevermore.


What Always Carries the Crowd Away.

The patriotic song, “Kaulana na Pua o Hawaii,” composed and sung by the Hawaiian National Band at their concerts, has been put into English by “Makee Aupuni”:

Standing by our native land
Are we sons of Hawaii nei,
Daring a false and treacherous band,
Whose minions come from o’er the sea.

Responds our hearts from isle to isle,
Resolved to die before we yield,
Our ancient birthright ne’er defile,
We’ll spill our blood on freedom’s shield.

Responds Hawaii of Keawe
To farthest sands of green Mano,
Piilani’s land, and Kakuhihewa’s sand,
Shall witness that we face the foe.

We scorn the touch of briber’s gold,
We scorn the pay that makes the slave,
Our children’s children will be told
‘Twere better fill a patriot’s grave.

No traitor pen will we e’er hold
To sign our county’s life away,
Come treatment rude, and stones for food,
Our hearts on love of home will stay.

Our patriot Queen we’ll stand by still
Through storm and shine, come what may;
Let freemen voice the nation’s will
And peace will float o’er Hawaii-nei.

[So very powerful! Everyone should see this English interpretation of Ellen Prendergast’s “Kaulana na Pua”! Might anyone know who Daily  Bulletin correspondent Makee Aupuni is?]

(Daily Bulletin, 11/27/1893, p. 4)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume VI, Helu 892, Page 4. November 27, 1893.


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