Description of the Hawaiian Archipelago, 1909.

The Seas and the Channels of these Islands

Alenuihaha between Hawaii and Maui, 26 miles.

Alalakeiki between Maui and Kahoolawe, 6 miles.

Kealaikahiki between Lanai and Kahoolawe, 18 miles.

Auau between Maui and Lanai, 9 miles.

Pailolo between Molokai, Maui and Lanai, 9 miles.

Kaieiewaho, between Kauai and Oahu, 61 miles.

Kaulakahiki between Niihau and Kauai, 15 miles.

This Archipelago, including the islands above, are Lehua, Kaula and Moku Papapa; there were other names for these islands during the time of Wakea, and during the 902 generations from Lailai. (Buke Mele Alii, mele of Kaumualii.*)

[This reminded me  of the new exhibit I hear is starting at the Bishop Museum which they are calling Journeys: Heritage of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. This mele is one of the many mele where traditional names of the islands in the great archipelago can be found!]

*The citation given most likely refers to He Inoa no Kaumualii which runs in Na Mele Aimoku, na Mele Kupuna, a me na Mele Ponoi o ka Moi Kalakaua I, p. 109–130.

(Lanakila, 8/26/1909, p. 21)


Ka Lanakila, Buke I, Helu 7, Aoao 21. Augate 26, 1909.

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