Wow, 1908 from 1893.


[How many people can you name here in this awesome image of Queen Liliuokalani?]

(Sunday Advertiser, 10/4/1908, p. 8)


Sunday Advertiser, Volume VI, Number 301, Page 8. October 4, 1908.

4 thoughts on “Wow, 1908 from 1893.

  1. The correct date of this photo is Jan. 5, 1892. Queen Liliuokalani wrote an account of this in her diary, which is in Bishop Museum. She had spent a few days at Waialua, Oahu, and then left in six horsedrawn vehicles with her entourage. “Arrived at Mrs. Irene Ii Brown’s place where a nice spread was laid out – soon after lunch Gov. Cleghorn and Prince Kawananakoa arrived. At four we all left by the train for town and arrived at depot at five P.M. where the Minister Parker & Mr. Wideman were awaiting us. Quite a crowd assembled & drove home with Gov. C – and the two Princes.”

    This location is Waipio, Oahu, which is land that divides Middle Loch from West Loch in Pearl Harbor. This property had belonged to Hawaiian historian John Papa `I`i, and after his death in 1870 it passed to his daughter, Irene Kahalelaukoa `I`i Brown. As Liliuokalani writes, she got aboard the Oahu Railway at a small station at Waipio and then rode to the depot in Honolulu, which was across from Aala Park on King Street.

    In this photo, Liliuokalani is dressed in black and is seated in the center of the photo. Directly behind her is Irene `I`i Brown (her hostess, and my great-grandmother) and at her feet is Irene’s little son George `I`i Brown, my grandfather. Standing behind the Queen are Prince David Kawananakoa and Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole. Reclining at her feet are Sam Parker and John Cummins.

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