Liliu’s National Anthem reaches New York, after a fashion, 1875.

Their National Hymn.

The words and music of the Hawaiian national anthem are both the composition of Mrs. Lila K. Dominis, the sister of King Kalakaua. The first part of the hymn we transcribe for the edification of our readers:


Ka Makua Mana Loa,
Malin wai ia wakou,
E haliu aku rei.
We wa hian haahan,
E wan ka waluhia
O rei Pae Alna,
Wal Hawaiia Nuhan,
Mololo o Kou Malu.

Hooho—E wau ke Da o ka Aina,
Wo kou p ono wau
A wa kou wana nui
E ola, e ola ka moi.

The translation as made by H. L. Sheldon, of Honolulu, is given as follows:

Father Almighty, Lord of all,
Incline thine ear and hear our call;
The nation lifts its voice to Thee,
Suppliant in humility.
That peace and order still may reign
O’er these fair islands of the main;
From mountain steep to coral shore
Our guardian Thou, forevermore.

Chorus—Long live, sea-girt, island home;
Free as the waves that round us foam;
Sustained by justice, truth and right,
Save Thou our King, O God of might!

[More pertaining to her beautiful composition including the actual lyrics can be found by clicking here.]

(Springville Journal, 2/13/1875, p. 1)


The Journal and Herald, Volume XXIII, Number 7, Page 1. February 13, 1875.

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