News out of Lahaina, 1867.

From Lahaina.

Pertaining to the Queen.—Queen Emma has returned from her tour of Wailuku on this past Tuesday evening of May, and it was at 8 o’clock that she reached here in Lahaina. She was accompanied by the distinguished ones of the valley shade [ka malu hekuawa], and she returned with her attendants who went along, His Ex. P. Nahaolelua, Col. D. Kalakaua, Hon. P. Y. Kekuaokalani, Hon. A. M. Kahalewai and Mrs. Kalakaua.

Exhibit of paintings.—This past Thursday night, there was a great exhibit of illustrations at the School of the English Mission; there were many portraits shown that night, all of Hawaii’s Alii; and we admired all of the paintings, and they were done with skill; in attendance as well was the Queen.

A Party.—On the evening of Thursday, Reverend G. Mason held a party to honor the Queen, and those who were instructed, and everything carried out at the party was gracious, and the tables were laden with things of all sorts, and we ate until satiated, and a most was leftover.

A Christmas Tree.—This is something new to Lahaina; a large tree on which upon each branch was tied all sorts of pictures, gifts for children, and there was much joy let out that night.

The Woman, Kaiona, travelling in the sun.—Aboard the Kona Packet this morning was the Honorable Mrs. Bishop, and she is here enjoying the soft Maaa wind.

Ocean bathing.—This past Wednesday, the Queen went swimming outside of Mala, on the north side of this town of Lahaina, and we saw her returning with her travel companions.

The waves of Uo.—This past days with the breaking of the waves of Uo, we saw the Honorable D. Kalakaua riding the wave, surfing out diagonally and  returning on the crest.

[Some of the latest from a hundred and fifty years ago!]

(Au Okoa, 5/30/1867, p. 2)


Ke Au Okoa, Buke III, Helu 6, Aoao 2. Mei 30, 1867.

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