Kamehameha III at Mokuula, 1846.

Court News. His Majesty and suite landed at Lahaina on the morning of the  17th. They were received by the new Governor and the other authorities, under the customary salute from the Fort. His Majesty proceeded to the residence of the Premier, where he rested for a short time. He then visited the large Palace now in progress, and afterwards retired to his former residence at Mokuula.

As usual, he visited the  tomb of his sister and his two children.

On the 18th , His Majesty held a levee, at which upwards of 1300 natives and foreigners attended, to express their respects and congratulations.

The Supreme Court opened its session on the 19th. We hear there are few cases on the docket.

[Looking for more information on Mokuula? It seems that the Bishop Museum Press is having a sale this month on the book, “Mokuʻula: Maui’s Sacred Island.”]

(Polynesian, 12/26/1846, p. 3)


The Polynesian, Volume 3, Number 32, Page 3. December 26, 1846.

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