Kaiulani Elementary School celebrates the birthday of the Princess, 1899.


Pupils Have a Holiday Next Monday.

Exercises This Evening In Honor of the Princess’s Birthday—Program for the Occasion.

Monday being the anniversary of the late Princess Kaiulani’s birthday, the pupils of the Princess Kaiulani school will be given a whole holiday.

Exercises will be held this evening in the large hall, but owing to the lack of seating accommodation no invitations have been sent out to parents or friends this year. The program is the work of the pupils entirely. They devoted a good portion of yesterday to obtaining ilima leis and maile to decorate the picture of the late Princess.

Following is the program, the last number being a song composed for the occasion by one of the teachers, Miss A. M. Felker:


Piano Solo—”Kaiulani March” ….. Florence Bush
Recitation—”The Princess” ….. T. Farrel
Reading—”Biographical Sketch” ….. Eight Pupils
*Song—”Making a Lei” ….. Chorus
Reading—”A Child’s Dream” ….. Louisa Testa
Reading—Address delivered by Rev. H. H. Parker ….. H. Kaiwiaea
Song—”Sleep, O Sleep” ….. Grades 6, 7
Recitation—”The Princess” ….. Five Pupils
Sketch—”There Is No Death” ….. Amoi
Recitation—”A Notable Day” ….. Leinaala
Bells—”Aloha Oe” ….. E. Haaheo, F. Bush
Poem—”Waikiki” ….. Mary Naeole
Recitation—”Our School” ….. Mallie Jensen
Song—”Kaiulani Alii” ….. Chorus

*During the singing of this song the picture of the Princess will be decorated with leis by representatives from the various grades.



(Air, “Hawaii Ponoi.”)

With voices sweet and clear
Oh, Kaiulani dear,
Thy name we honor here
In words sincere.


Our school is named for thee,
Kaiulani ‘lii,
Princess of liberty,
All praise to thee.

With flowers sweet today,
We weave for thee the lei,
And deck they picture gay
“Kaiulani e!”


[Kaiulani School opens on April 22, 1899, just a few weeks after the death of Princess Kaiulani on March 6 of that year.]

(PCA, 10/13/1899, p. 6)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXX, Number 5362, Page 6. October 13, 1899.

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