John L. Stevens’ outrageous impudence, 1893.


The administration at Washington has the unqualified support of this magazine (The Illustrated American) in its course of conduct in the Hawaiian affair.In acknowledging the tremendous wrong committed by ex-Minister Stevens, while acting as the nation’s, representative at the Court of Queen Liliuokalani, President Cleveland and his Secretary of State have shown splendid courage and refreshing disdain of buncombe. All the facts in the case proves Stevens’ behavior while Minister at Honolulu to have been prompted by rank ignorance or complete disregard of right or decency. Stevens openly encouraged a portion of the Queen’s subjects in their preparations for rebellion and promised them every possible material assistance, the moment they furnished him with the shadow of an excuse for such a step. To quote from the documents of State in the matter, “the Provisional Government was recognized when it had little other than a paper existence, and when the legitimate Government was in full possession and control of the Palace, the Barracks and the Police Station. Mr. Stevens’ well known hostility and the threatening presence of the force landed from the Boston were all that could have then excited serious apprehension in the minds of the Queen, her officers and loyal supporters.”

In repudiating such outrageous impudence or shameful ignorance on the part of our then Minister, the United States Government has done that which will bring it praise and honor from every just and honest person in the civilized world.

[This quote comes from The Illustrated American, 11/25/1893, p. 654.]

(Hawaii Holomua, 12/5/1893, p. 2)


Hawaii Holomua, Volume I, Number 66, Page 2. December 5, 1893.

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