Thomas Square inauguration, 1887.

Inauguration Concert at Thomas Square

Thomas Square has at last been successfully inaugurated as a public square by the Hawaiian band giving one of its entertainments to a large audience on Thursday evening last. This plot of ground, about seven acres, was donated by the Hawaiian Government as a public square some fifteen years ago, and was named Thomas Square in honor of Admiral Thomas of the British navy, who, in a kindly manner, undid the act of taking possession of these Islands by Lord George Paulet, the British Government endorsing the former and censuring the latter. Shortly after the square was enclosed and trees planted, which was about all that was done until late years, when the Hon. A. S. Cleghorn, who takes a lively interest in such matters, commenced the improvement of the park, with the small appropriations granted by the Legislature from time to time, until the present, when the visitor will find that Thomas Square does not exist in name alone, but is a really nice well shaded park, with seating accommodations for a moderate number, and artistically laid out with finely graveled walks leading to the band stand in the center, and other directions as well. The grass plots are beautiful and well trimmed. The band stand in the center is finely arranged for the proper dissemination of the music, and the other details to make it a popular resort with the public.

It only required the band to call together a large attendance to listen to the sweet strains of their instruments. Mr. Michiels was also present, and favored the audience with a cornet solo of his own composition, entitled “Queen Kapiolani’s Farewell.” The programme was a good one, and was enjoyed by all present.

Owing to the want of seats, many had to quietly camp on the grass, and seemed to enjoy the change, while the children were perfectly at home rolling on the grass, a luxury they do not have every day. Altogether the inauguration was a perfect success.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 4/12/1887, p. 4)


The Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XXII, Number 15, Page 4. April 12, 1887.

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