Kamehameha Day preparations, 1919.


Definite Steps To Arrange Kamehameha Day Program Are Expected To Be Taken

Plans for the most elaborate Hawaiian celebration of Kamehameha Day, June 11, will be launched this morning at 9 o’clock at a meeting of the Kamehameha Centenary Commission, recently appointed by Governor McCarthy, to be held in the office of the Henry Waterhouse Trust Company.

Mrs. Alice Macfarlane, chairman of the commission, Prince Kalanianaole, Senator Charles E. King and James D. Dougherty, commissioners, will be present, and representatives of all Hawaiian societies have been requested to attend.

Mrs. Macfarlane is anxious to have the dates definitely decided on today, and committees appointed, so that no time will be lost in the selection of the participants for tableaux, decorating and manning the historical floats,  planning the procession for the morning of June 11 and the exercises at the statue of Kamehameha the Great.

At a preliminary meeting of the commission held Thursday evening at which Governor McCarthy was also present, it was tentatively decided to devote the evening of June 10 to the presentation of historic tableaux, dealing with the life of Kamehameha I,and the following morning to the procession and exercises, leaving the afternoon open for the territorial Fair to give its part of the usual Kamehameha Day program, consisting of horse races, for which elaborate programs have been submitted, and for which, also, a number of horses will be brought here from the mainland and from the neighboring islands.

The commission hopes to see Hawaiians turn out en masse and make this celebration, which marks a centenary in the career of the first Hawaiian monarch, the greatest in years.

(PCA, 5/12/1919, p. 8)


Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume LIX, Number 11591, Page 8. May 12, 1919.


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