The Royal Hawaiian Band to lose old-timers, 1920.


After working as a musician in the Hawaiian Band [Bana Hawaii] for 51 years, James Pohina, one of the oldest persons working with the band, decided he was at a place where he would retire with a pension from the county government.

Last Saturday he and three other people of the Hawaiian Band were examined by Dr. Hanchett, the county government doctor, pertaining to their health, and so forth. The board of commissioners who decides on the pension relies on this report of the doctor. At the meeting of the board of commissioners to decide on the pension, they decided to approve the request by James Pohina, R. W. Aylett, Samuel Kaili, and Zakaria Kapule, because of the reasons which Dr. Hanchett put before them.

Pertaining to James Pohina, he was with the Hawaiian Band for 51  years; R. W. Aylett, 46 years, but he was absent for some years when he was occupied by another job, he was a legislator for a number of sessions, and a county supervisor for some years; Samuel Kaili, was with the Hawaiian Band for 42 years without taking off,  and Zakaria Kapule, 36 years.

Four of these men are retiring from the band, and from what is heard, there are also others that are leaving this occupation and going to foreign lands. How many new students were taught in order to fill the void left by these men!

(Kuokoa, 6/18/1920, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 24, Aoao 2. Iune 18, 1920.



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