Death of Colonel Sam Parker, 1920.


Death is Victorious Over Him, Following a Long Sickness


Escorted by his Grandchild David Kalakaua Kawananakoa and His Family

After suffering from a stroke some years ago, Colonel Samuel Parker grew weary of this life, on the night of last Friday, at his home outside of Waikiki, and his body was returned aboard the Mauna Kea of this past Wednesday to be laid to rest in his family cemetery at Mana, Waimea, Hawaii.

When he passed on, he was 66 years old, 10 months and 12 days.

During the reign of Queen Liliuokalani, Colonel Samuel Parker held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, and when Hawaii was put under the jurisdiction of the federal government, he was the first candidate for delegate to congress that the Republicans put before the voters, to go to Washington, but he lost to Robert Wilcox, the Home Rule candidate for delegate.

It seems that among the Hawaiians, Colonel Samuel Parker was one who travelled a lot to lands afar, aside from King Kalakaua; and wherever he went, he never was without poi, and always took it with him, and it was through him that people of far away lands gained great understanding of the nature of Hawaiians.

He was greatly admired for his graciousness, and he was welcoming of both malihini and kamaaina; and during the reign of King Kalakaua, he was one of the very influential ones in the royal court, and joined in all the celebrations known of in that era.

In the afternoon of this past Tuesday, his funeral was held in his home, and present were his many friends and family who joined in the service.

To stand guard over his body, Hawaiian societies came to his home, and so too some haole associations.

Being that Colonel Samuel Parker was a member of the secret society, his body was taken into the halls of the secret society this Wednesday morning, and there a memorial over his body was performed, as per the usual functions of the association, and from there the body was taken to the wharf to play aboard the Mauna Kea.

At Mahukona, Kohala, Hawaii, there his body was taken ashore, and taken to Mana, Waimea, and there he was laid to rest in the family cemetery.

Accompanying his on his journey to his home on Hawaii were his family and friends, and Princess Kawananakoa sent along Prince David Kalakaua Kawananakoa on the journey of the bodily remains of his grandfather.

Colonel Samuel Parker married twice; his last wife that he married was Mrs. James Campbell, the mother of the Princess Kawananakoa, Mrs. R. Shingle, Mrs. Walter Macfarlane, and Mrs. George Beckley.

In passing on to the other world, he left behind his daughters, Mrs. J. P. Woods and Mrs. C. A. Widemann, and three sons, they being Sam, Ernest and James K. Parker, and besides them there are three grandchildren.

(Kuokoa, 3/26/1920, p. 1)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 13, Aoao 1. Maraki 26, 1920.

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