Keoua Hale becomes Honolulu High School, 1895.

Honolulu High School [Kula Kiekie o Honolulu].

The illustration above is of the beautiful house of Princess R. Keelikolani, standing in Honolulu, and called Keoua Hale. It is said that when many drawings of houses were placed before the alii for her to choose from, she looked through the many and chose the drawing of this house and instructed the artist, “build me a house like that.” Therefore, a house like the one in the picture was constructed to completion which now stands proudly, the building which graces that portion of Honolulu on Emma Street on the land of Kaakopua.

And during talks to make the house into a school, there soon were people approving and praise this conversion into a high school. The Board of Education immediately sought to obtain the house, and were fortunate to get it at a fair price. It was said that if the person asking was someone esle, who was in it for the profit, then perhaps the price would have reached $600,000, however, because the it was sought after for a fine purpose, as a place where students are to be taught higher knowledge, therefore, it was sold at a discount, half of the cost shown above. It is a large house, tall and wide, standing on fine grounds fanned by the winds. Therefore, as everything is moving forward, expeditious preparations are being made to begin school soon, when regular school starts. The nation is proud to obtain this schoolhouse to enroll and teach children in higher learning than that taught at the other schools which teach general knowledge.

The instructors of this school are, Prof. M. M. Scott, principal; J. Lightfoot, teacher of Mathematics and Latin; Miss Brewer and Miss Needham, grammar teachers; Miss Beckwith, art teacher; and Miss Tucker, a teacher of singing.

[In the area where Keoua Hale stood, there now stands Central Middle School.

This article seems to be summarized from a much longer English article appearing in the Hawaiian Gazette, 10/1/1895, p. 3.]

(Kuokoa, 10/12/1895, p. 1)

Kula Kiekie o Honolulu.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXIV, Helu 41, Aoao 1. Okatoba 12, 1895.

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