King Kalakaua’s address in English, 1874.

[Found under: “THE ROYAL BIRTH-DAY.”]

My People: On this the first anniversary of my birth-day occurring after my accession to the Throne, I have thought it fit and proper that it should be made a day of national thanksgiving to the Almighty God, for His many mercies and blessings to us as a people; and, as it occurs on the eve of my undertaking a long journey to a far country, that you may also on this day implore the Divine protection for me in my absence, and a blessing on my mission.

In the history of nations, we may learn that it is no unusual thing for the Head of one Government to visit that of another for the purpose of seeking the welfare of the people. It is for this purpose,—in the endeavor to forward the best interests of you, my people,—that I am about to visit the seat of government of our good friends, the United States of America. That Government has given another instance of its friendship to us, by placing one of its war vessels at my disposal to convey me to its shores. To-day, our country needs the aid of a Treaty of Commercial Reciprocity with America in order to ensure our material prosperity, and I believe that if such a Treaty can be secured, the beneficial effects will be soon apparent to all classes, and our nation, under its reviving influences, will grow again.

It is with these impelling motives and hopes that I now reluctantly bid farewell for a time to the dear land of my birth, and to you my people. In conformity with the Constitution, I have appointed His Royal Highness my brother, to act as Regent and Head of the Government during my absence, feeling confident that in his hands the conduct of affairs will be safe. And I ask for him, the Queen, and my sisters, the same consideration and loyalty that you have accorded me.

Let your united prayers ascend to the Almighty that He will grant me His protection during my absence, and prosperous termination to my mission, and a safe return.

[For the rest of the coverage as reported in the PCA on that day, see here at Chronicling America.]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 11/21/1874, p. 2)

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XIX, Number 21, Page 2. November 21, 1874.

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XIX, Number 21, Page 2. November 21, 1874.


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