22 (122) years from the overthrow, 1915 (2015).

Amazing! Hawaii Has Not Been Americanized?

By our understanding, it has been nearly 22 whole years from when Hawaii was transferred under the administration of various governments until today, through the Kingdom of Queen Liliuokalani being stolen. It is a fact that the American flag did not wave from the flagpoles of Iolani during all of those years, being that during the first two years or perhaps three, the mountains, the ridges, the rivers, and the shores of Hawaii (but not the people of the land) were under the administration of the P. G. (P. I. G. in actuality), and for two or three years after that, under the name of the Republic of Hawaii, and for 16 years until today under the Territory of Hawaii. After the Kingdom of Hawaii was turned into the P. (I.) G. of Hawaii and thereafter, the Republic of Hawaii, and finally to the Territory of Hawaii, there is but only one good thing that we see during these many changes, that is the name HAWAII, and we believe that should the government in Hawaii nei change every year, for a 100 years, Hawaii will live on in its name.

During these years of changing of the political administration of this beloved land of Hawaii nei, America was the only foreign nation that posited itself greatly into Hawaii nei, and because of its support did these changes occur, being that it was Americans who instigated these actions; and during all of these changes, there was but one motivation, that being the annexation of this land to the United States of America. We do not forget the big-talking deceitful words of those people, “Should Hawaii be annexed to America, it will be with shovels that the people of this land will be scooping up silver and gold, and work will be had by all who ask.” These were the benefits that were projected upon the walls of Hawaii nei, but that is not the truth of what is being seen today.  It is not silver and gold that the people of the land are scooping with shovels. It is only in the pockets of the few that silver and gold flows. There are no jobs that “Uncle Sam” is just giving away, unless you have a starched collar, some gloves, and skin like that of an angel, and speak the words of the Cherubim; that is what the people of this land need to get ready so that they can acquire food and other necessities of life.

The land of America is branded with the sign of “Independence.” It was for independence that those who built the nation of America as it stands now sacrificed their lives, their rights, and all things pertaining to this life. It is true, they indeed have independence, and this independence sought by the father is what their descendants are trying to defile by enslaving people of other lands, in her borders in Hawaii nei.

During the first years that America held actual power over Hawaii, it was shown that its great idea was to Americanize [Ho-America] Hawaii, and that is the boast of the plunderers. But as of today, the Americanization of Hawaii nei is not seen. The  changes that are being seen, are changes that will happen in their time. But as for what is said, that this land is blessed now that it became a territory of America, there is nothing that shows the actual truth of that statement. Here amongst the usurpers are those who berate us saying, “annexation was a waste of our efforts; it was worthless, and only a few are benefiting.” We did not fail to see the records of the Congress of the United States [Hale Ahaolelo Lahui] and the words of some Senators and Representatives as well, saying, “Hawaii is to America as a boil on the buttocks is to man.”

And these days under the American administration of this land, everything is American; the food is American, the clothes are American, the land is American, the water is American, and perhaps it is the language that is next to become American, for they are trying to change the language because British is dull while the language of the Americans is smooth and easy on the ears; but with all of the American goods available in Hawaii, one of the American Bureau Supervisors, the man that heads the Board of Immigration, said, “the Americanization of Hawaii is not progressing under the current incompetent and confused administration. There must be achieved conditions that can invite workers of good status from the mainland of America, and laws must be made by where they (the American laborers) can live here permanently. The things the curtail this stand in the way of the prosperity of Hawaii.”

Can someone mistake the ideas of this man, and say that it is not “because of the incompetent and confused administration” of the immigration that is being carried out in this land that causes Hawaii not to become Americanized? Cannot the SPIRIT of MAN see that as a result of the deeds of but few this beautiful land will become a place worn out by laborers of very humble stature. Who will benefit from this; will it be Hawaii and Hawaii’s Lahui? For whom are the multitudes of soldiers in this land, and for what purpose are all of these forts filled with weapons of destruction being built? You would have thought that being annexed under a nation blessed with the shelter of independence that we would acquire peace and progress, but no, instead we have troubles and poverty.

When you turn and look back at the ups and downs that the past few years brought into the lives of the people, most of the people of this land probably cannot declare [illegible portion of the digital image] It is true, we lead a poor life back in those days, but as for our bodies, we were millionaires with the knowledge: “ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.” He is relieved to see that the brethren have a few potatoes, and does not give notice to your hunger. [??? Is this a Bible reference? “Ua maha ka noonoo i ka ike aku he mau wahi poe uwala no ka ka hoahanau, a aole oia e nana maka mai ana i kou pololi ana.”] But how about today? These conditions are not what we see. What the eyes are used to seeing these days all over is “KAPU.” Kapu are the heavens and the earth, the uplands and the sea; there is no place that is not kapu.

The Land of Hawaii was of a low standing “yesterday,” but today it is amongst the ranks of Puerto Rico and the Philippines.  The usurpers are grumbling about this, but was it someone else who caused this? Is it other people who are behind the “incompetent and confused” activity carried out in the land? During the 16 years, almost $60,000,000 was scattered, who knows where, and there is nothing to show for that money; on the average that is almost $4,000,000 a year. According to Mr. Swanzy of the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce [Ahahui Kalepa Hawaii], the books of the departments of the Territory are being kept with “incompetence and confusion,” and as we look at this, we recall the words of the Israelites to Moses, “Did you bring us to die in this wilderness?” That is indeed the end that was brought upon this land and its people. Because of the attempt to Americanize, we see the troubles and the suffering as a result of this “incompetence and confused” governing in Hawaii.

[This powerful editorial (probably by T. J. Ryan who was the editor of the Aloha Aina at the time) really deserves to be looked at closely and to be translated well.]

(Aloha Aina, 1/23/1915, p. 2)

Kupanaha! Aole ka i Ho-Amerika ia o Hawaii?

Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XIX, Helu 69, Aoao 2. Ianuari 23, 1915.

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