22 (122) years from the overthrow, 1915 (2015).

Amazing! Hawaii Has Not Been Americanized?

By our understanding, it has been nearly 22 whole years from when Hawaii was transferred under the administration of various governments until today, through the Kingdom of Queen Liliuokalani being stolen. It is a fact that the American flag did not wave from the flagpoles of Iolani during all of those years, being that during the first two years or perhaps three, the mountains, the ridges, the rivers, and the shores of Hawaii (but not the people of the land) were under the administration of the P. G. (P. I. G. in actuality), and for two or three years after that, under the name of the Republic of Hawaii, and for 16 years until today under the Territory of Hawaii. After the Kingdom of Hawaii was turned into the P. (I.) G. of Hawaii and thereafter, the Republic of Hawaii, and finally to the Territory of Hawaii, there is but only one good thing that we see during these many changes, that is the name HAWAII, and we believe that should the government in Hawaii nei change every year, for a 100 years, Hawaii will live on in its name.

During these years of changing of the political administration of this beloved land of Hawaii nei, America was the only foreign nation that posited itself greatly into Hawaii nei, and because of its support did these changes occur, being that it was Americans who instigated these actions; and during all of these changes, there was but one motivation, that being the annexation of this land to the United States of America. We do not forget the big-talking deceitful words of those people, “Should Hawaii be annexed to America, it will be with shovels that the people of this land will be scooping up silver and gold, and work will be had by all who ask.” These were the benefits that were projected upon the walls of Hawaii nei, but that is not the truth of what is being seen today.  It is not silver and gold that the people of the land are scooping with shovels. It is only in the pockets of the few that silver and gold flows. There are no jobs that “Uncle Sam” is just giving away, unless you have a starched collar, some gloves, and skin like that of an angel, and speak the words of the Cherubim; that is what the people of this land need to get ready so that they can acquire food and other necessities of life. Continue reading