Hawaiian birds and the law, 1865.


KNOW YOU ALL BY THIS Announcement; prohibited totally is the catching and the killing of Oo and Mamo birds living on the personal lands of King Kamehameha V, and from this day forward, no Oo is to be injured or killed on the lands of the Monarch; not by using lime [ke kapili kepau ana], not by snaring [ka ahele puka kaula], not by shooting [ke ki pu ana]; it is totally kapu. The person or persons who go against the words above, they each can be prosecuted.


Governor of Hawaii.

Hilo, Hawaii, August 1, 1865.

[Might any of you law people know if there were any Kingdom laws on the books that outlawed the catching or killing of native birds? I have seen laws prohibiting the killing of non-native birds, but not native birds.]

(Au Okoa, 9/4/1865, p. 4)


Ke Au Okoa, Buke I, Helu 20, Aoao 4. Sepatemaba 4, 1865.

3 thoughts on “Hawaiian birds and the law, 1865.

  1. Check out page 2 col 3 of the Polynesian 1859-4-23 or
    KA HAE HAWAII. APERILA 27, 1859. pg 15
    There is late August 1860 change to the law; in section one and two the word April is changed to February.

    • Aloha Zita. Thank you for sending that my way! But those are haole birds. I am really curious about any laws dealing with native Hawaiian birds like mamo, ʻōʻō, ʻiʻiwi, ʻapapane, &c., &c.

      • Yeah I know kolea are haole but this was an interesting law because they show up on a Palace breakfast menu, in season of course. I’ve downloaded the civil code and session laws but haven’t have a change to read everything but did give the indexes a quick (a very quick) once over for ‘birds’ and did not see anything about native Hawaiian birds.

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