On the moving of the Na-ha Stone to Hilo Library 100 years ago, and its history (1 of 6), 1915.


These passing days, the Board of Trade of Hilo [Papa o ka Hui Kalepa o Hilo] is considering moving the Naha Stone [Na-ha Pohaku] from where it now is placed and putting it by the Library of the Hilo Town, and the Editor of the Hoku o Hawaii [S. L. Desha] was asked to tell of some things pertaining to this Royal Stone, and which were contained in the old history of this land, and that will become something for the Natives of this land to understand things about the history of this Birth Stone of the Alii of the Naha Class.

The Naha Stone spoken of in this story is the great Pohaku that is lies in Piihonua in Hilo Town on the Hilo side of Waianuenue Avenue, and is in front of the first house foundation of Governor Kipi of Hilo, and that place is named after an old Heiau called “Pinao.”

In the history of this Royal Stone, it is said that the Pohaku was brought from the Wailua River on Kauai, and it was brought upon double-hulled canoes, and it was brought by a high Chief of long ago named MAKALIINUIKUAKAWALE (m), and this pohaku was brought as a sign of chiefly births and this Pohaku Alii was placed before the Pinao Heiau.

This Pohaku is a sign of the Naha line of Alii only; when a child was born from the mating of a grandfather and his own granddaughter, and when that child is gotten, and to make it known that it was truly of a Naha Line, that newborn baby was taken with its afterbirth, and its umbilical cord, and placed upon this Pohaku, and then the Kahuna stood and gave his prayer, and if the newborn boy did not cry, then it was known that this indeed was a “Child that is truly of the Naha Line, and this child was not simply an Alii, but would became a fearless warrior; but should the child cry and the prayer of the Kahuna was cut off, the Alii who knew of these things would say that the child was not fit for the line of Naha Chiefs. These are things pertaining to the story of this Stone of Chiefly Sign of the ancient times of this land. (The one who is writing about the things related to this pohaku has looked carefully at the characteristics of this truly huge stone, and when the writer arrived at that place, Wailua on Kauai, he went to look at the stones of that area, and it is really true that this stone at Pinao, Hilo is like the stones of that place on Kauai.)

Another thing that makes this stone famous pertains to the actions of Kamehameha I, the famous Conqueror of the Nation of Hawaii Kuauli, with this Pohaku; and it is said that because Kamehameha the Great moved this Royal Stone, this moving of the Naha Stone constantly motivated Kamehameha to thoughts that he would indeed become the Chief over the entire Archipelago. Here also is another story about this deed of Paiea Kamehameha, the famous Nation Conqueror of Hawaii nei:

When the Child Kamehameha was in the womb of his Royal Mother Kekuaipoiwa [Kekuiapoiwa], a prophesy was told of the unborn child of the High Chiefess Kekuaipoiwa, the wahine of Keouanui, and actual cousin of Kalaniopuu, the King following Alapainui. Malicious thoughts of a certain chief of Hilo were heard of early, that being Keawemauhili, the father of Kapiolaninui and Keaweokahikona, the fearless warrior who fought behind Kamehameha on the battlefield of Mokuohai. After the birth of Kamehameha at Kohala and his care went to Naeole, the Chief over the two Kohala districts, and being that Naeole heard firsthand…

[Although this continues on for two columns, I will stop at one today and continue on in the next post. But if you want to read on for yourself, please do! The entire story actually continues on for two more issues of Hoku o Hawaii.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/9/1915, p. 2)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 10, Helu 27, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 9 1915.

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