J. E. Chamberlain, collector for the Hawaiian National Museum, 1876.

Curios for the Government Museum.

The Morning Star brought up for the Hawaiian Government the following curios, corals, &c. Two sets Gilbert Island armor complete with helmets; also shark teeth sword and spear, mats and native dresses; eel basket; common fish basket; umbrella coral, three feet six inches in diameter, perfect, from Apian by Mr. Randolph.

From Marshall Island: Spears, Male fringe petticoats and woman’s mat dress; carved figure-head; model of canoe fully rigged; paddles; red coral; black coral; platter coral, bone adzes from Strong’s Island.

From Caroline Islands, Mortlock and Bonabe: native costume for male and female; neck-laces; ornaments of human teeth; canoe models; paddles, &c.; handles of javelins and spears; Mortlock hat; hair pins and turtle-bone adzes.

From Bonabe: three varieties of salt marsh growing trees were started in fine condition; all with a few exceptions from the 200 mangrove trees, were lost in the 75 days homeward passage. Several hundred Corozzo nuts or vegetable Ivory, were placed in good order for planting with the Department of Public Instruction; also a large number of the Durian [Dorien] and a few sour-sop seed; eighty seed coc0nuts [cocoanuts] of the edible husk brought from Apian were also delivered at the Rooms of the Board.

A large number of fine and some rare shells were collected, probably not less than 400 specimens of at least 100 varieties. A unique collection of twenty-eight cocoanuts in two forms, long and round, begining in size with a fore finger and dove’s egg and increasing to the huge globe holding upwards of three pints or a galon.

A small collection of Marshall and Caroline Islands Ferns and land mosses. Ten new varieties of the former and fifteen or more of the latter.

The thanks of the collector and the Government are due Messrs. Sturges, Logan, Rand, and Robinson of Bonabe; Messrs. Snow, Whitney, Capelle, Kapale, Kaia, Kelenewa, Enoch and Kahelemauna of the Marshall Islands; Messrs. Taylor, Nalimu, A. J. Lonther, Kanoho, Randolph, Maka, and Kanoa of the Gilbert Islands, for aid in obtaining many of the valuable specimens.

Particular mention should be made of the help given on the Morning Star by officers and men. The delicate coral was handled most tenderly and is as nearly perfect as can be, ten varieties. H. S. Swinton, the efficient mate, deserves equal credit with the collector, sparing no effort or pains to make as large a collection as possible.

J. E. Chamberlain,

Collector Curios for Hawaiian Museum.

[Much of the collection from the Hawaiian National Museum went to the Bishop Museum. I wonder if this collection went to them as well.]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 3/18/1876, p. 3)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XX, Number 38, Page 3. March 18, 1876.


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