Does anyone know how to make kulolo in bamboo anymore? 1930


There were tables as well with Hawaiian food: lehua poi, fish from the fishponds, fish from the sea and schooling at Pohukaina, that is Likelike street today. Kulolo was made skillfully in large bamboo internodes [punaohe], baked until done; While making kulolo in bamboo internodes comes from the kupuna of long time ago, it was beautiful; and thereafter, these kerosene cans of the new age came around that we see these day.

[The above is an excerpt of George Pooloa’s description of the celebration of the marriage of King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma.]

(Alakai o Hawaii, 1/23/1930, p. 2)


Ke Alakai o Hawaii, Buke 2, Helu 38, Aoao 2. Ianuali 23, 1930.

1 thought on “Does anyone know how to make kulolo in bamboo anymore? 1930

  1. Our ʻohana frequently makes kulolo, so next time weʻre going to try this for a few. Iʻm assuming it was made with very large ʻohe cut perpendicular to create a bowl. I was thinking maybe to split it in half and try that way too. I agree it must be beautiful to see…

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