Travels of King Kamehameha IV to see the sounding sands of Nohili and more, 1856.


We hear of the sailing of the King from here, and on the next day he landed at Waimea, Kauai, and that night, he sailed to Niihau, and landed at Nonopapa on Saturday [la hoomalolo]. They spent the Sabbath there, and joined together and worshiped Jehovah on that day. On the weekday, the rode horse, fished; there are a 100 or more horses on Niihau; they caught a lot of fish. That evening, they got on board the Maria and sailed for Kaula. The next morning they reached there. Some of them jumped into the ocean and swam ashore with difficulty, for there was a shark there and it was difficult to go ashore; there is a severe cliff and no bay. The King went ashore amongst these difficulties, ascended the cliff. The chiefesses remained on the ship. The people went upland to catch birds and do other enjoyable things, and in the evening, they swam back to the ship and returned to Niihau, and from there to the tiny island of Lehua; there are many “foreign rats” [iole kahiki] there. In English, they are called rabbits. They shot the iole and other things with much enjoyment. That evening they sailed for Waimea. On the 16th, they all rode horses to see the sounding sand dunes of Noohili; they had much admiration for that amazing thing. After that, they spent the Sabbath at Waimea, and on the next day they went to Hanapepe, slept, and on Tuesday, the 19th, they reached Koloa in the rain.

The King and Queen are in good health, along with Kamamalu and all of the rest. They are going to Nawiliwili, and Hanaeli, and from there to Molokai. That is what is heard.

[Speaking of Nohili, it is seen, as in this article as Noohili, and also as Nonohili, and even as Onohili and Nonoohili!]

(Hae Hawaii, 8/27/1856, p. 102)


Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke I, Helu 26, Aoao 102. Aukake 27, 1856.

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