Hula and King Kalakaua’s 50th Jubilee, 1886.


Nov. 23, 1886.

After 3 o’clock in the afternoon of this Tuesday, the King, the Princes and Princesses, the dignitaries, and the makaainana sat at a long table housed by a pavilion with corrugated iron roofing [lanai pili hao], which could sit an estimated 600 to 900 people at a time. There was much Hawaiian foods supplied, like laulau [puaa hoolua] and roasted pork [puaa kalua kele]; fish wrapped in ti leaves and baked [lawalu] and raw [ai-maka]; baked beef [i’o pipi hoolua] and all types of poi spoken of.

The Governor of the “bays of Piilani”¹ as well as his government officials and Delegates, along with those of the island of Keawe.² These people sat along with their pastor, M. Makalua. They began eating after the prayer was over. The entourage of the King and Queen arrived and sat in their area, and they had their own pastor, J. Waiamau. Therefore, Maui was victorious over their hunger [?? Nolaila, ua eo no ia Maui ma ka houpo lewalewa].

The eating continued perhaps until 5 o’clock. A big problem was the dearth of waiters for the grand feast that was boasted about. Thanks to the small children of Kahehuna [School], there were those to serve the food for the feast.


From 7 o’clock in the night, Hawaiian hula of five types commenced, that being olapa, kui, uli-uli, pa-ipu, kaka laau, and hula pahu.

When those of Waikiki kai danced their hula kui, the audience complained, and that hula was put to an end without ending properly.

During that joyful night, some youths were seen attempting to get the dancers to kiss their cheeks, and to [?? hoolele na ala] without any sign of shame.

We were deafened by all the improper talk of some of the things seen in that partying crowd that we will not agree to tell the nation.

¹The governor of Maui was John Owen Dominis.

²The governor of Hawaii was Virginia Kapooloku Poomaikelani

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 11/27/1886, p. 4)


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke IX, Helu 48, Aoao 4. Novemaba 27, 1886.

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