The Kings of Hawaii, 1876.

This is from an issue of “The Friend,” which includes a short biography in English of the ruling monarchs of Hawaii nei, written by S. C. Damon. As for this page of illustrations, they say:

The illustrations accompanying this number of the Friend we could wish were better executed. The plate was made in New York, from the best photographs we could procure in Honolulu. The original of Kamehameha 1st was executed in 1817 by a Russian artist, who accompanied Kotzebue in his voyage, and may be seen by referring to the third volume of his voyage. The original of Kamehameha 2d was executed in England in 1824, in the style of the dress of George 4th’s reign. We think those of Kamehameha 3d, 4th and 5th are very good, but not quite so good those of Lunalilo or His Majesty Kalakaua.

[For the biographies, find them here: The Friend, February 1, 1876.

Although it is clunky to maneuver, most of this series of news letters is available from the Mission Houses Museum here: The Friend.]

(Friend, 2/1/1876, pp. 9–13)


The Friend, New Series, Volume 25, Number 2, Page unnumbered. February 1, 1876.

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