Even more local news from a hundred years ago, 1915.

Local News

On the coming 13th in the month of March, an election for county seats will be held, outside of the City and County of Honolulu.


On the Sierra of this past Monday, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Taylor returned to this city after spending a year or so in San Francisco.


The Young People’s League [Ahahui o ka Poe Opiopio] is planning to put on once more a grand concert in the Opera House [Hale Mele Hou], sometime during the coming month.


Currently being planned is a special excursion for Honolulu’s people aboard the Kilauea to Kauai next month, this coming February.


From what is being heard, there is much criticism by the people over the appointing of R. W. Aylett as head of the garbage system, for he has a job in the band [Royal Hawaiian Band].


One of the entertainments on the days celebrating Washington is now known, that is the long distance race from Kahauiki until Thomas Square [Kamaki Kuea], and then turning back until the ballpark.


It is expected that aboard the Mongolia of this morning, the Lawyer W. A. Kinney will arrive in Honolulu nei, to contest the will of Mrs. Smart, for the sake of the juvenile child of the deceased.


On the afternoon of this past Tuesday, a funeral for Samuel Upa, secretary of the Attorney-General’s office for a long time, respected for his uprightness.


In this city were the County Deputy Treasurer Ezekiel Vieira of the County of Hawaii and Acting Auditor Samuel Mahuka Spencer, and on the Maunakea of this past Wednesday they turned back for the Kanilehua Rain.


In the court of Judge Ashford this past Tuesday, Juan Rodrigues was found guilty of abuse, and he was sentenced to jail time of three years imprisonment.


The haole Representatives of Honolulu are putting effort into having Edward Woodward who is the current secretary of Mayor Lane, be the secretary of the House of Representatives when the Legislature goes in session next month.


There was news from Laie made known to this office that a swimming contestant named Hamana Kaiili from Laie will come to compete with the other swimmers of this city on the day set aside for the swim meet to honor the birthday of George Washington [Keoki Wakinekona].


Manuel Antone submitted an application into the office of Attorney General Stainback, to be appointed as secretary of that office in place of the deceased Samuel Upa. He was the messenger from the office of the American Marshal who recently left his position.


Somewhere in this paper will be seen the decision of the Harbor Commission [Papa Komisina Uwapo] on a rule banning the drivers of hacks and automobiles from entering atop of the piers to meet up with the passengers when the steamships visit and dock at the government piers.

(Kuokoa, 1/15/1915, p. 4)

Nuhou Kuloko

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIII, Helu 3, Aoao 4. Ianuari 15, 1915.


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