Even more local news from a hundred years ago, 1915.

Local News

On the coming 13th in the month of March, an election for county seats will be held, outside of the City and County of Honolulu.


On the Sierra of this past Monday, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Taylor returned to this city after spending a year or so in San Francisco.


The Young People’s League [Ahahui o ka Poe Opiopio] is planning to put on once more a grand concert in the Opera House [Hale Mele Hou], sometime during the coming month.


Currently being planned is a special excursion for Honolulu’s people aboard the Kilauea to Kauai next month, this coming February.


From what is being heard, there is much criticism by the people over the appointing of R. W. Aylett as head of the garbage system, for he has a job in the band [Royal Hawaiian Band].

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Secret Societies in Hawaii, 1914.

The Representatives of the Secret Societies Off To San Francisco

From the left to right—William Beers, Charles H. Rose, H. Pereira. On the second line below, from the left, John E. Garcia, E. J. Rego, Gaspar Silva. On the very bottom, James K. Kaulia.

Aboard the steamship Manoa leaving this port for the Golden Gate of San Francisco, rode some representatives of secret societies [hui malu] of Hawaii to join with other secret societies of the Pacific in their biennial meeting being held on the twelveth of this May, spending three days in meetings with these societies before their activities are let out.

The representatives of hundreds of secret societies will attend this great meeting, and at the conclusion of the annual men’s gathering, then the women will hold their meeting for they have established societies on the same foundation as the men.

The representatives from the various secret societies of Hawaii nei headed for this huge gathering in San Francisco are:

From the secret society of Court Camoes, H. Pereira and E. J. Rego. From the secret society Court Lunalilo, C. H. Rose and James Kaulia. From the secret society Court Maunakea, W. H. Beers and B. F. Shoen. From the secret society Court Valley Island, J. E. Garcia.

The representatives meeting at the women’s gathering are: Gaspar Silva, Mrs. Silva, and H. Pereira from the Camoes; and Miss D. M. Osorio and B. F. Shoen from the secret society of Maunakea.

The secret society representatives from Honolulu will be travelling to the Golden Gate in three trips; this Tuesday, some of them, Charles H. Rose, James K. Kaulia, H. Pereira, E. J. Rego, and John Garcia, boarded the steamship Manoa.

Tomorrow, the second of this month, Gaspar Silva and Mrs. Silva will board the Mongolia; and on the Matsonia of The sixth, W. H. Beers, Miss M. Osorio, and B. F. Shoen will leave, and it is from Hilo that they will board that steamship.

When all of the representatives reach San Fransico, they will come under the care of a committee set aside for that purpose, and there are people there who are kamaaina of Honolulu who await happily to see these keiki of the Territory.

[These all fall under the Ancient Order of Foresters.]

(Kuokoa, 5/1/1914, p. 1)

Na Elele o na Hui Malu no Kapalakiko

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LII, Helu 18, Aoao 1. Mei 1, 1914.