Birthday of King Kamehameha III, 1846.

By the Government.


At the meeting of the Privy Council [Poe Kukakuka Malu], on the 27th of February 1846, this was agreed to.

The birthday of the King will be commemorated on the coming 17th of March; the flag of the land will be flown at all of the forts from the morning until nightfall; and at noon the fort at Honolulu and all the forts in Hawaii nei will fire their guns. The Hawaiian flag will be flown from all of the ships of this Archipelago, and we believe that it will be good for the Governors and others to throw parties as they see fit, but with propriety and honor, loyal to the King of this independent Nation.

(Elele, 3/3/1846, p. 183)


Ka Elele, Buke I, Pepa 24, Aoao 183. Maraki 3, 1846.

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