Founder’s Day, 1894.



Exercises In Bishop Hall—Addresses By Col. W. F. Allen, Mrs. Haalelea, Miss Pope.

This is Kamehameha School Founder’s Day. It is the anniversary of the birth of that noble woman, Bernice Pauahi Bishop. This Hawaiian calendar feature was marked by the formal opening of the Kamehameha School for Girls and the Chas. R. Bishop Museum Annex.

The exercises began at 2 o’clock this afternoon. With the literary program, the sports and viewing the new school and the Annex, to say nothing of the manual training department, there were visitors on the grounds till after 3 o’clock.

At 8 this morning the Kamehameha boys with Prof. Richards and their band visited the grave of Mrs. Bishop and covered the last resting place of their friend with leis and flowers.

Rev. C. M. Hyde offered the invocation this afternoon and was president of the large gathering. The attendance included nearly all the Government officials and prominent citizens. Bishop hall was crowded to its utmost.

After the prayer, students sang the beautiful hymn, “Come, Thous Almighty Ruler.” President Hyde then introduced Col. W. F. Allen the representative of Chas. R. Bishop, as the orator of the occasion. Col. Allen spoke very earnestly and was listened to most attentively. He said:

I know that you all regret the absence of Mr. Bishop on this occasion, and when asked to represent and speak for him I should much rather have declined but felt it a duty to accept. That Mr. Bishop is with you today in spirit you all know, his interest in these schools never wanes. By correspondence with the trustees, principals, and others, he has kept well posted in all the progress you have made. On this the natal day of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the founders day of this Institution, such a grand monument to her love and care for her people, it is beyond my powers to do justice to the occasion or theme. Both Mrs. Bishop and her husband fully realized that the proper care and teaching of the young was the only way to insure the stability of the people, and so they have devoted their best thought, and much of their property to carry out these ideas.

To you, trustees, principals and teacher the responsibility of carrying out the wishes of the founders of this institution belongs, and from the experience of the few years since the opening, no fears are entertained of the ultimate results.

To you, boys and girls of Kamehameha School, I would say that to show your appreciation of the great gifts of your benefactors, you should ever strive to take advantage of all that is here offered you, so that in the future you can show by your industrious and virtuous lives what the Kamehameha School has done for you.

On behalf of Mr. Bishop, I thank you all for showing such an appreciation for the grand work and memory of the founder of this institution—Bernice Pauahi Bishop.

Mrs. A. A. Haalelea, how has always evinced a deep interest in the school, made a splendid address. The lady was especially forceful in her remarks on the benefits to arise from the conduct of the school for girls. The ability of Mrs. Haalelea as a public speaker surprised even those who know her best.

The final address of the afternoon was by Miss Pope, the experienced educator who is to be principal of the girls’ school. Her words were such that all could profit by heeding them. It is apparent that with Miss Pope in charge the new school will realize the fondest hopes of those who wish it well.

The boys sang a college song and the audience filed from the hall. The annex and seminary have already been described in these columns. The sports were short events.

(Hawaiian Star, 12/19/1894, p. 3)


The Hawaiian Star, Volume III,  Number 534, Page 3. December 19, 1894.


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