Henry Berger’s 50th birthday, and commentary on eating stones, 1894.

Celebrating Fifty Years

This past Saturday, at 7:30, a joint concert was held with the Hawaiian Republic band and the band of the Philadelphia, on the grounds of the Hawaiian Hotel to commemorate the birthday of the bandmaster of the Government, who is 50 years old. That night was the 4664th time he gave concerts in various locations, and this is his 500th at that place. The Government band went first, and when they were through, then there were singers of haole songs chosen from a non-Hawaiian singing group from the uplands of Leiolono, and then came the boys of the sea [from the Philadelphia]. When that was over, the two groups joined together for the ending, and that was the conclusion of the activities of the night. The band stage was illuminated by electric lights and all sorts of Japanese lanterns under tree branches. The front of the Hawaiian Hotel was filled with spectators wanting to hear the performance of the marine band, but not like that of the previous night when the Royal Hawaiian Band [Puali Puhiohe Lahui] was playing. Their songs were truly magnificent. The boys of the Hawaiian Glee Club [Hui Himeni Hawaii] of the Puali Puhiohe Lahui did not sing the way it was reported in the English newspapers of ours, and the reason for that was the band did not agree to join in as members, because they did not want to help in honoring the birthday of the one who kicked them out with the cruel and evil words, “later you will eat stones.”

(Makaainana, 8/6/1894, p. 1)

Hoolaulea Kanalima Makahiki

Ka Makaainana, Buke II—-Ano Hou, Helu 6, Aoao 1. Augate 6, 1894.

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