The wait continues, 1893–2018.


In the first half of the month of February, 1843, Lord George Paulet [Lo Keoki] arrived on the shores of Hawaii nei, and due to some things he thought were right, he took down the Hawaiian Flag and raised the British Flag, and this was the first time that the sovereignty of our land was taken. With that act however, the Royal standard [hae Kalaunu] was left alone along with the Sovereign in His place; this was not usurped; and peace was kept by the Hulumanu, the soldiers of Kauikeaouli at the time, and the makaainana remained then under the rule of the King, and they kneeled and prayed to God for the return of the sovereignty of the land to righteousness.

In the first half of the month of July, that being in the year of 1843, Admiral Thomas [Akimarala Kamaki] came and he understood the circumstances after conducting interviews, and he concluded that Lord Paulet was wrong; therefore, on the 31st of July of that year, at the grounds now called Thomas Square [Kamaki Kuea], the British flag was taken down once more, and the Hawaiian flag was raised again, and the sovereignty of our land was returned to righteousness with honors by the soldiers and gun salutes.

On the 17th of January of this year, the reign of our Sovereign was overthrown, and on the 1st of the following February, the American  flag was raised over the Government Building [Hale Aupuni] in place of the Hawaiian flag, and the sovereignty of our land was again lost, and the makaainana live under the command of the Sovereign, kneeling and praying to God for the good of our land of birth. On the 29th of March, the honorable commissioner James H. Blount arrived to conduct interviews and to understand the circumstances of what was done; whether it was right or not right.

Therefore, from the month of February, 1843, when the Hawaiian Flag was lowered to the month of February, 1893, when it was lowered once again after it was raised by Admiral Thomas, it has been fifty years. From the 31st of July, 1843, when the sovereignty of the land was returned until this day, it is like 49 years, 8 months, and 13 days; and when the 31st of July comes next, it will be a full fifty years—the day we are supposed to be celebrating the Jubilee for our flag—and we ask, will it be celebrated? It is true, the Hawaiian flag was raised the other day in place of the American flag, and it is said that it was because of the orders of the honorable Commissioner Blount, but the return of the sovereignty of our land to righteousness like before is what we prayed for, what we pray now for, and what we will continue to pray for. We will continue to uphold the peace, and pray with patience and without end for our Sovereign, our Lahui, and our Homeland.

(Hawaii Holomua, 5/14/1893, p. 2)


Hawaii Holomua, Buke III, Helu 201, Aoao 2. Mei 14, 1893.


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