Kuhio’s “Four Horsemen,” a translation from the time! 1939.

The Four Horsemen

The above picture was taken at Honolulu a few years before the passage of the Rehabilitation Law. There were four of these Hawaiians, and a few days after the return of the Delegate Prince Kuhio from Washington, assembled at Pualeilani at Waikiki to discuss the subject “Rehabilitation of the Hawaiians and after that discussion, these men went to town and had their picture taken at the William’s Gallery on Fort Street, as it was the Prince’s wish, so that he can show to his fellow congressmen at Washington his backers that brought up this important matter for rehabilitating its people, known to be decreasing, during the session of the Hawaii legislature, if the measure is allowed by congress. They are sitting. Prince Kuhio, standing, from left to right, Rev. S. L. Desha, Sr., John C. Lane and H. L. Holstein.

Two years before the passage of the Rehabilitation law, these four men had discussed the measure concerning the Rehabilitation of the Hawaiians, and later other friends joined, and they were John H. Wise, Noa Aluli, Akaiko Akana, Emil Muller, Attorney C. K. Breckons, and several others, and they planned to introduce the measure and it was introduced by John Wise in the senate and backed by Senator Desha and John Lane, and it was introduced in the House by Speaker Holstein. It was through his effort that it became a law and it was approved by congress at Washington.

In the year 1921 this measure was passed by the legislature of Hawaii and this picture was taken in 1919. Kuhio ha always referred to these three men as his cabinet, and it was a fact that they had always backed the prince until he passed away in 1922. Of this cabinet of Kuhio, one had followed his footsteps, and that is the late Rev. S. L. Desha, Sr., and there remain two living. One is Link Holstein who is 74 years and is living in Maui and John Lane, gray haired and living in Honolulu, and none of them had gotten the benefits of what the Prince had done for his people. Others are benefited by receiving big salaries. They had worked hard and others reaped the benefit. Kuhio never forgot this picture and his council.

[This is a translation done at the time of the previous post, “Na ‘Poe Kaulio’ Eha.”

See here for a much clearer image from the Hawaii State Archives Digital Collection!!]

(Star of Hawaii, 5/3/1939, p. 1)

The Four Horsemen

The Star of Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 1, Page 1. May 3, 1939.

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