King Kalakaua leaves for America, 1874.

The Alii, the King, boarded the battleship Benecia at 10 oʻclock and 30 minutes on the morning of this past Tuesday [11/17/1874] to go to the United States of America. When he reached the wharf, seaside of Halemahoe, it was an awesome sight; the seeing off by his subjects of the King on his travels to foreign lands. The people crowded together to shake his hand, give gifts, kiss his hand, and chant his name songs, but the King did not dawdle. When the skiff came by for him, accompanied by the Prince Regent [Kahu Aupuni] and the attendants, the sailors of the battleships Tenedos, Scout, and Benecia climbed the yard, and as the skiff moved on, the battery of Ainahou and the two British battleships each gave a 21 gun salute,—this is a sign showing that the King is going out to sea or is landing ashore. When the King arrived at the ship, it shot off its guns. These are those travelling on the royal excursion: the King, the Governors Dominis and Kapena, and the U. S. Minister Pierce, along with three servants. At the hour of 11:15, the Benecia moved along gently, waving the Royal Ensign, before Ainahou amongst cheers, band music, and chanting of his mele inoa.

Ainahou was lined with makaainana from one side all the way to the other end, and boats were heavy with spectators. This is the last sight that the makaainana had of their King leaving for foreign lands.

(Kuokoa, 11/21/1874, p. 2)

Ua kau aku ke Alii...

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIII, Helu 47, Aoao 2. Novemaba 21, 1874.

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