Mafia? 1893.


“The Queen never will be restored to the throne, for she will be shot within 24 hours, and every man who takes office under her will be shot also—we have men secretly sworn to do it.”

Such was the remark made to the writer by a brainless young sprig of the “citizens reserve,” such is the tenor of numerous open threats of the canaille composing the annexation club, the citizens reserve and the American league organizations that pretending to be patriotically American are in fact veritable nests of socialism, fenianism and mafia.

To their shame be it said that these mafias are organized under men calling themselves Americans, men who heretofore have been regarded as respectable and intelligent citizens: Hatch, Castle, Wilder, Jones, Smith, McGrew, Emerson, and so on, whose names will pass into history as knavish pirates in a plot to steal a nation and compel America to receive the stolen goods.

A recent article in the Holomua warned that a wave of insanity had struck Honolulu in accordance with a well known theory of cycles. The malady appears to be growing worse, for certain it is, that all the men and women concerned in the overthrow of the Queen, the terrorism and misgovernment of a P. G. military despotism, and the present display of hostilities against the United States, all act like people demented.

Dole, Damon, Smith, Thurston,¹ are men who have acted faithlessly to the country that gave them birth and under whose flag and sky they have prospered. There is no excuse in the past, none in the present, and there will be none in history for the grave error which these men have committed. A greater outrage and a greater blunder against a people has never been committed in modern times to equal the filibustering plot of U. S. Minster Stevens and his cabal of renegade Hawaiian citizens. The mafia applaud and support, for they enjoy the plunder they are receiving and the prospect of demanding more, but the Hawaiian nation cries out in indignation and shame.

We will do Messrs. Dole and Damon the justice to believe that they had deluded themselves with the idea that they were acting for the best interests of Hawaii nei; their foresight was deficient. They had not figured out the disadvantages of annexation to Hawaii which is now so clear to most of our merchants and sugar planters. They had not realized that a republic was almost impossible and utterly undesirable. They did not know that a military despotism would be offensive to the intelligence of the country and would in time bankrupt the finances. They failed to realize that a revolution of a small cabal by using the forces of a foreign power, could have no standing in international countries, that such a revolution unsupported and denounced by a large majority of the people, could only hold itself in place by a mercenary military power. They forgot history which has taught us about Praetorian Guards and Janizaries and the dictatorial dangers of a military rule upon which a civil government depends. They never dreamed that their wild and untenable schemes would evoke a grim monster in the shape of alien clubs, reserves and leagues, under which apparently passive titles, there lurked a crazy, morbid hankering for all the benefices of government; that these leagues, etc., upon which the government depends for existence would soon become masters of the situation, and compel their leaders to continue the pirate’s dance.

No, Dole and Damon blundered, and we have a sufficiently sneaking respect for them yet to believe that they realize their error, and of their own accord would gracefully submit to the inevitable hand of justice which the genius and honor of America will soon let fall on Hawaii. But they are the slaves of the grim mafia leagues which they themselves evoked, and thus they dare not.

There is no doubt that there does exist a set of murderous ruffians among these several pseudo-American organizations who are encouraged by their more discreet associates and leaders, and who constitute an actual American mafia with villainous plots and designs. As long as the P. G. continues, they have a soft snap, therefore, their defiant attitude against the United States when they begin to realize that their days of pirated billets soft snaps and revelry with Hawaiian taxes is soon to end.

It is but fair to say, however, that these organizations are not genuine American, but are composed mainly of Portuguese, Germans and the riff raff of all nations. There are some good Americans among them who ought to know better, and many bad Americans. But all honest and decent Americans stand aside with the Hawaiians and the royalists and look in with silent contempt and disgust at the nasty mess of affairs which the P. G. gang have evolved in this country, and anxiously await the day when Uncle Sam shall do his duty by restoring legitimate government, peace and order.

¹They were all born in Hawaii nei, and were thus Hawaiian citizens.

(Hawaii Holomua, 12/7/1893, p. 2)


Hawaii Holomua, Volume I, Number 68, Page 2. December 7, 1893.

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