Patriots celebrate La Hoihoi Ea in lands afar! 1862.

[For the Kuokoa.]

Hoihoi Ea Banquet


The 31st of July is a day celebrated by the Hawaiian Nation because it is the day on which the sovereignty of the land was restored, from the year 1843 until this year in which it is remembered. Therefore, we, the natives of Hawaii who live in this strange land, because of our aloha for our land of birth, make this a day of remembrance and a day of prayer, setting aside our labors.

This is what was done on that day: Before that day, food was purchased, and in the morning of that day, the food was cooked first, and all the food was assembled on a table that was covered with the green foliage of the Puluki;¹ and when the conch was sounded, the fellow diners came and sat upon their own seats. Then L. H. Kapuaa stood and spoke of the nature of activities of the day; before the singing. This is one of the songs composed by the youths of the Snow Flurry [na keiki o ka Ehu Hau]. This is it below.

  1. Aloha i ka aina,
    I ke one hanau,
    O ke ao lewa he inoa,
    O ka Haku ka Moi,
    Na keiki kamaaina,
    Na pua ala mau,
    Ua hoihoi mai ka ea,
    Kau  hou ka Hae Hawaii.
  2. Nolaila e na hoa,
    E ku a mele pu,
    Hauoli like kakou,
    Ma keia waoakua,
    Ua nui na la i hala,
    Aole kakou i hoomanao,
    Ua hoihoi mai ka ea,
    Kau hou ka Hae Hawaii.
  3. O Thomas ka mama,
    Ma na ale o ke kai,
    A hiki ma Hawaii,
    Kuka me ka Moi,
    Me na Luna Aupuni,
    Holo ke kuikahi,
    Ua hoihoi mai ka ea,
    Kau hou ka Hae Hawaii.
  4. Hoopauia o Lokeoki,
    Hoi nele aku ia,
    Ka moana Pakipika,
    Hauoli Hawaii,
    I ka la hope o Iulai,
    Ala ae kakou,
    Ua hoihoi mai ka ea,
    Kau hou ka Hae Hawaii.
  5. E ala e na keiki,
    O ka Ehu Hau,
    Mele me ka hauoli,
    Hoonani ke Akua,
    Nana kokua mai,
    Ka ea o ka aina,
    Ua hoihoi mai ke ea,
    Kau hou ka Hae Hawaii.

[1. Aloha for the land,
For the homeland,
A name song for the floating clouds,
The Lord, the King,
The native children,
The every fragrant blossoms,
Sovereignty has been restored,
The Hawaiian Flag raised once more.

2. Therefore O Friends,
Stand and sing along,
Let us all rejoince,
In this desert,
Many days have gone by,
Where we did not remember,
Sovereignty has been restored,
The Hawaiian Flag raised once more.

3. Thomas was swift,
Upon the billows of the sea,
And arrived in Hawaii,
Met with the King,
And Government Officials,
The treaty was passed,
Sovereignty has been restored,
The Hawaiian Flag raised once more.

4. Lord George was no more,
Returning empty handed,
Upon the Pacific Ocean,
Rejoice Hawaii,
On the last day of July,
Let us arise,
Sovereignty has been restored,
The Hawaiian Flag raised once more.

5. Arise O Youth,
Of the Snow Flurry,
Sing with joy,
Praise God,
He who assisted,
The sovereignty  of the land,
Sovereignty has been restored,
The Hawaiian Flag raised once more.]

And when the singing was done, we all prayed; and we all sad down to eat; after the eating, L. H. Kapuaa stood once again and spoke on the history of the rule of the alii from times of old, and the subjugation of the alii, like the subjugation of America under Britain, until…

(Kuokoa, 9/6/1862, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke I, Helu 41, Aoao 1. Sepatemaba 6, 1862.

…the 4th of July in the year 1776; the American people revolted and were victorious over Britain, whereupon they made the 4th of July into a holiday, a day to remember, for that was the day that the sovereignty was returned to their land, and their commemoration of that day continues until this day. So too does the Hawaiian Nation always celebrate the 31st of July, the day that its sovereignty was restored and the Hawaiian Flag was raised once more.

America nonetheless was victorious in the war against Britain; and the Hawaiian Nation nonetheless was victorious over Lord George Paulet, a military commander of Britain; by the power of prayer of the devout, and it was because of this that the sovereignty of Hawaii was restored and the Hawaiian Flag was raised again; that was the gist of his speech, but the details are incorrect and cannot be all given because there will be no end. When the speech of L. H. Kapuaa was over, we all prayed, and then everyone went to rest at their own homes, and at five in the evening, the Conch was sounded once more, and we gathered once again to hear the speech of H. R. Nalau and J. M. Kake; the subject of their speeches were about the reign of the Kamehameha family; from Kamehameha I to Kamehameha II, they were not subjugated; but in the time of Kamehameha III, he was the Alii who faced this subjugation and the loss of the Nation into the hands of chiefs of Britain. Just as with the will of God that Kamehameha I would be victorious over the three chiefs of Maui, Oahu, and Kauai; so too Kamehameha III was victorious by the power of Jehovah, his God.

Just like the enslavement of the Israelites in the time of Nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of Babylon, and Ahasuerus, the ruler of Persia and Media; it was by the power of God that they escaped to return to their land. Likewise did the Hawaiian Nation escape, by the power of Almighty God who returned the sovereignty of the land and raised once more the Hawaiian Flag.

May the Kamehameha family live for all times. May their reign be forever. This was the conclusion to their speeches. We all prayed, and everyone returned to their own residences with hope that a day like this one will happen in the year 1863. Aloha to the Kuokoa. Composed by the youth of the Snow Flurry.

H. R. N., & M. N.²

[The Restoration Day of Hawaii was not only celebrated here in Hawaii nei, it was also celebrated by Hawaiians abroad. The celebration of La Hoihoi Ea described above was by a group of Hawaiians  missionaries sent to proselytize, who lived in Coloma, El Dorado County, California. What about today? Are there commemorations happening outside of Hawaii?]

¹I am not sure what tree Puluki refers to.

²M. N. probably refers to Moses Nahora, and H. R. N. is H. R. Nalau.

(Kuokoa, 9/6/1862, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke I, Helu 41, Aoao 2. Sepatemaba 6, 1862.


1 thought on “Patriots celebrate La Hoihoi Ea in lands afar! 1862.

  1. How awesome to know what the Hawaiians did to commemorate this most important day to remember. Today we should follow their example. We now know the truth of the Hawaiian Kingdoms standing in the international arena. Everyone blow the pu, and celebrate!

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