Mothers’ Day should be everyday, but… 1912.


Governor Frear received a letter this past Tuesday from the person who started Mothers’ Day [Julia Ward Howe?], asking him to make the second Sunday of May a Day to Remember Mothers.

This day is celebrated in places all over the world. This is not a holiday, but it is a day where boys and girls all over the land give their thanks to their mothers and cherish their lives.

Everyone is asked to adorn themselves with a white carnation, or a flower which their mother is fond of, which will be a show from each and everyone of their affection and love for their mother. If possible, send in remembrance of a mother a bouquet of flowers to the room of a sick friend, or the hospital, or the orphanage home, and also to the home for the incurable.

(Aloha Aina, 3/9/1912, p. 4)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XVI, Helu 10, Aoao 4. Maraki 9, 1912.