Honolulu lighted up, 1888.


As for the long awaited electric lights to illuminate this town of Honolulu, the work of the carpenters is progressing, and the electric wires are projecting out in every direction on the streets all about town. It was believed that the turbine wheel for the machine would arrive on this landing of the Australia, however, it did not arrive from the Eastern states when the steamship left San Francisco.

Should it arrive aboard the next steamship, then it will be perhaps two or three weeks after that when everything will be ready to put it to work, and that will be when the presses here in Honolulu will be lit up by modern electric lights; it is something which we all have not seen before and have greatly desired, like of what we’ve heard of the electric lights in foreign lands.

[Honolulu Magazine this month has done a feature where it gives us a glimpse into what it was like here in 1888 (when Paradise of the Pacific, the forefather of the current magazine, began). I thought i might try to add to that in the upcoming weeks, randomly putting up 1888 articles while as always, posting news from other periods as well.]

(Kuokoa, 2/11/1888, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXVII, Helu 6, Aoao 2. Feberuari 11, 1888.