The moon was painted red by God, 1870.

From Kauai.

Pertaining to the lunar eclipse. On the 17th of January, at 2:25 and 35 seconds in the morning, one body affected another body in the heavens, and its color turned strange, and we adults and children here in Lihue witnessed it; and here is my bit of humor, someone said: “The moon has been eaten by God.” And another said, “The moon was painted red with red paint by God.” And there was a lot of new things spoken of on that  night, but I cannot carry on about that.

[This article and another was written under the heading “From Kauai,” by S. K. Kahookalaopio of Lihue, Kauai, on January 19, 1870.]

(Kuokoa, 1/29/1870, p. 4)

Mai Kauai mai.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke IX, Helu 5, Aoao 4. Ianuari 29, 1870.

You could make out where the moon was, and it appeared red, 1848.


On the 12th of September, at six o’clock in the evening, when the sun went down, the eclipsing of the moon began. It began on the eastern side of the moon. That is how the shadow of the Earth rose; in one hour, the Moon was totally darkened, at seven in the evening. However, the moon didn’t totally disappear. You could make out where the moon was, and it appeared red.

It remained that way until after half past eight. And then the total darkness subsided and the shining started from the eastern side, just as the darkening began. That is how the light began until the shadow of the Earth passed by to the west, at half past nine; just as was explained in the American Almanac.

I was negligent in reporting this darkening of the Moon earlier in the Elele.  K.

Honolulu, September 13, 1848.

(Elele Hawaii, 9/18/1848, p. 31)


Ka Elele Hawaii, Buke 4, Pepa 8, Aoao 31. Sepatemaba 18, 1848.