Death of Benjamin Starr Kapu, 1905.

Beniamina Starr Kapu has passed on.

Beniamina Starr Kapu, on of the Hawaiians of this town has passed on. He left this life at eight o’clock at night this Sunday at Kauluwela having no sickness; in other words he died a swift death.

That evening he prayed at Kaumakapili with his wife, and after this, they returned to their cafe at Kauluwela, where he and his “Eve” worked hard at that fine endeavor, and to sleep. They were awakened by a Japanese knocking outside of their door who wanted to drink some coffee being that their coffee is what he really wanted.

After he was refused, and that he should come back the next morning to get coffee; the Japanese’s desire for coffee was not soothed. Mr. Kapu and his wife got up, and Kapu took that Japanese to his own place, but they did not reach the home of the Japanese when the Japanese was let go, and Kapu returned home.

And it is at this time he had the problem that ended his breathing quickly, and according to the doctor’s knowledge, Kapu had a weak heart. How pitiful.

His funeral service was held at Kaumakapili, where he with his wife worked on their spiritual welfare, and they were members of that Church, and it was cared for by its Kahu, Rev. W. N. Lono. The congregation was filled with his many friends.

When his body was being prepared, Mr. Fred Weed took care of that, which was work he was used to doing. And it was there that he remained until his body was carried to be laid to rest in the usual place of all people.

Beniamina Starr Kapu was born at Leleo, in this town on the 12th of Marchi, 1863, from his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Keonekapu Starr Kapu. His young days were spent at the Anglican school Iolani where he first received his education.

And after his young days when he became an adult where he began to take care of himself and his family, and one of his occupations he was employed at in this town was as police captain during the period when the Hon. J. L. Kaulukou was the Marshal during the Monarchy.

Right after that he served as District Sheriff of Ewa, island of Oahu. He was a candidate running during the past election held for the Districts of Oahu, for the District of Ewa as the district sheriff, but his friend Mr. Fernandez won.

He left behind his “Eve,” Mrs. Kapu and his family in sudden sadness, grieving after him.

(Kuokoa, 12/29/1905, p. 5)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIII, Helu 52, Aoao 5. Dekemaba 29, 1905.