Shipwreck reported by David Kaukaha, 1870.

Sad News!

On the 19th of December, a skiff from a warship landed in Kalihi Kai, with five men on board, but four of them had died, and one was alive. Their names:

Lieut J. G. Talbot,
Peter Francis (quarter master)
William Halford (boatswain)
John Andrews (diver)
James Muir (diver)

These people were from the American warship Saginaw; this ship is familiar to those of Honolulu. Wm. Halford is the only survivor of them, and the others are all dead. Only two bodies are salvaged, the bodies of Lieutenant Talbot and James Miur, and the others are not. Continue reading

Some scary weather a 150 years ago in Hanalei reported by David Kaukaha, 1870.

Raindrops in Hanalei.

O Kuokoa Newspaper; Aloha oe:—

On Monday of last week, that being September 19. The raindrops fell heavily, along with thunder here in Hanalei. From morning until evening; and at three in the afternoon; the deeds of the (chiefess) thunder forcefully reverberated, along with lightning. Continue reading