Some scary weather a 150 years ago in Hanalei reported by David Kaukaha, 1870.

Raindrops in Hanalei.

O Kuokoa Newspaper; Aloha oe:—

On Monday of last week, that being September 19. The raindrops fell heavily, along with thunder here in Hanalei. From morning until evening; and at three in the afternoon; the deeds of the (chiefess) thunder forcefully reverberated, along with lightning. Continue reading


The new steamship, the Mikahala, 1887.

The New Steamship.

This Wednesday, the new steamer of Foster [Poka] and company arrived; 8 days from San Francisco. “Mikahala” is its name, and it was named after the name of Mrs. J. Robinson, the wife of James [Kimo] of Pakaka. It is a large vessel like the Lilinoe, and it is speedy. We hear that it is headed for Kauai in the coming days. We do not know who the Captain is.

(Nupepa Elele, 1/15/1887, p. 2)

Ka Mokuahi Hou.

Ka Nupepa Elele, Buke VIII, Helu 29, Aoao 2. Ianuari 15, 1887.