Please don’t play with firearms. Who knows what far-reaching effects it may have! 1902.


Because of a tragic accident of circumstance, the editor of this paper has been struck by misfortune, at the hands of one of his friends, Dan Io, on the evening of this Tuesday, at the club house of the boys of Kamehameha on Fort Street. The first report received by this office, the pistol bullet just grazed his cheek, and the injuries sustained were not that severe, but he was nonetheless taken to the hospital.

According to the latest report received by this office yesterday morning, it stated that the injuries sustained by Mr. David Kanewanui were very severe. Doctors Taylor and Wayson searched for the bullet that hit Mr. Kanewanui in the cheek, while progressing carefully, however they did not find a trace. This bullet hit the cheek bone, and perhaps travelled behind the head.

While David Kanewanui was enjoying his time with his friends, on the evening of Tuesday, May 6th, at the Boys’ Club of Kamehameha School on Fort Street; the gun with the evil bullet was being played with. Mr. Kanewanui entered from another room, and soon thereafter, this Mr. Io shot, but the gun did not fire. After David stepped outside, this Mr. Io aimed that gun that did not fire, but the strange thing is that the gun did fire, and David Kanewanui was shot by a bullet from the pistol.

Mr. Kanewanui stated that this shooting was not malicious, but it was an unexpected accident; therefore, that gentleman to whom belonged this evil lead, was saved. Mr. Kanewanui will perhaps spend ten days in the hospital, whereupon he will return once again to this office.

(Kuokoa, 5/9/1902, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XL, Helu 19, Aoao 6. Mei 9, 1902.