J. S. Kukahiko searches for his younger brother, 1866.

Aloha will bring him back.

To the friends of the Kuokoa from Hawaii to Kauai; Aloha oukou:—

I ask for your kindness and patience, “To remember me.”—Should one of you see my younger brother named Kamakamohaha, please inform me by letter or perhaps by way of the Kuokoa. If he is on Kauai or Oahu, and if not there then on Molokai or Maui, and if not there, perhaps some area here on Hawaii. It is believed he signed a year contract. And if he is not here in this Nation, perhaps he went to the guano islands [aina kukae manu], or went whaling once again. For this younger brother of mine was a captive who was returned to Honolulu from one of the ships set ablaze by the Shenandoah [Senadoa]. He was found in Honolulu by his brother-in-law and his elder brother, but thereafter, he disappeared, disappeared without a trace. Where could he be? Continue reading