Leap year, 1896.

Irregular Increase in Time

This is a leap year [makahiki lele oi], in other words, there are 29 days in this month, and there will be no more leap years until the year 1904, a span of eight years. When reaching 1904, there will not be another for another 200 years. There are these types of irregular leaps, as was explained above, every 200 years. This occurrence which is happening this year, took place 200 years ago, that being in the year 1696 and then in 1704 the leaping began again. Amongst the haole, this is the time for women and young men to pull in their hooks, that is if there is good bait on it. And what of our youth, will they be haphazard?

[Not sure what kind of math is happening here…]

(Makaainana, 2/24/1896, p. 7)

Oioi Kikoi o ka Manawa.

Ka Makaainana, Buke V, Helu 8, Aoao 7. Feberuari 24, 1896.