Oh, one more thing before we go, here is a Happy New Year’s makana to all you readers out there! 2012.

This Calendar is fashioned after one given by “Ke Aloha Aina” to its readers in 1906. It was a custom of many papers to give something extra to the readers who subscribed for another year, whether it be a calendar like this or a picture of the king and queen. Hopefully you will download the image and print it out and tack it to your walls to remind you that the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers hold priceless information, and that you might find just a tiny bit of that here on this blog…

Here is what the original calendar looked like: http://wp.me/p1Wb7O-3B

And here is the article that went along with it: http://wp.me/p1Wb7O-3x

2012 ALEMANAKA 2012

Alemanaka no ka MH 2012