Ohelo stories from James K. Kahele Jr., a follow up, 1930.

I just noticed that James K. Kahele Jr. states that there are stories not only saying that ohelo originated in Hawaii nei, but previous to this, he says that there are stories of it coming from afar, from Kahiki.

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(Alakai o Hawaii, 8/8/1930, p. 3)

How the ohelo plant came to be, 1930.


The parents of Kaoheloula were from Kauai, the father was Manuakepa and the mother was Hooleia.

The two of them begat their daughter and she was called by their name, Kaoheloua; the name of the father is very famous to the present, and it is set down in poetic composition with the words below:

Ka limu kaha kanaka o Manuakepa,
Ka pekupeku iluna ka ua o Hanalei, and so forth. Continue reading